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Dr. Basmah M. Omair

Cert. Dir. Founder/CEO

Dr. Basmah Omair is the founder and CEO of Behavioral Management Consulting. Early on in her career, she realized that a critical factor of successful strategy implementation, cultural shifts, and gender inclusion relied heavily on human behavior. The lack of weight given to human behavior during the planning phase almost always negatively affects the implementation process causing delays and increasing costs. This understanding, coupled with the passion for improving people’s lives, became the mission to create human-centric solutions that are realistic, efficient, and cost-effective.

Dr. Omair is a key member of multiple boards of directors with 20+ years of diverse experience across a wide range of industries, including public, private, and 3rd sectors. She has a track record of driving concept-to-execution national strategic initiatives that focus on empowering individuals, building strategic partnerships, and leading impactful programs.

Between 2004 and 2015, Dr. Omair headed Alsayedah Khadijah BintKhawilidbusinesswomen Center (AKBKC) at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, where she was at the forefront with government decision-makers working on the removal of gender inclusion regulatory barriers. Dr. Omair also supported various private sector industries in assessing and preparing their organizational culture to attract and retain female talent.

Boards of Directors:

Dr. Omair has been exposed to a broad array of industries in both public and private sectors, such as labor market, education, manufacturing, and retail. This gave her a unique outlook on issues enabling her to act as a key player in more than 20 boards of directors,together with important local and international committees, including the two arms of G20:chairing the W20 Female Labor Market Inclusion Committee in Germany in 2017 and being a member of the B20 Digitization Task Force in Saudi Arabia in 2020. Other board experience includes Sunbulah Group Board of Directors, The Gender Inclusion Advisory Board at the Ministry of Labor, Oqal, the Industrial Advisory Board at Prince Sultan University, The Social and Economic board at Amarat Makkah Region, and many more.

Recognition & Influence:

In view of her commitment to catalyzing positive change and promoting national progress, Dr. Omair was named one of the Top 100Most Powerful Arab Women by Arabian Business Magazine consecutively from 2010 to2014. Moreover, in 2014, she was chosen by Arabian Business as one of the 30Most Powerful and Influential Saudi Women, while in 2019, she was named one of the Top 10Most Economically Influential Female Leaders in Saudi by Sayidaty Magazine.

In addition, Dr. Omair welcomed over 400 international delegations with high-profile officials and participated as a speaker in more than320 global conferences and events.


Dr. Omair has lived and worked in the United States for over 23 years, enabling her to understand and bridge the gap between East and West by catering global standards to local needs.

In 2020, she completed the Behavior Economic Program at Harvard University, which provided her with fundamental insights into how to design policies to architect people’s behaviors and choices. Additionally, Dr. Omair is a certified board of directors from the GCC Board Directors Institute (GCC BDI). She also completed INSEAD’s Gender Diversity Program, which focuses on boosting women’s representation at all levels of the organization while ensuring that performance is maximized.

Dr. Omair holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing (1993), a Master’s degree in Special Education (1997), and a PhD in Education Technology/ Leadership and Management (2004) from the American University in Washington,DC.