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Who We Are

Our Journey

With over 20 years of working on solving important global problems by mediating between the diverse perspectives of government, private, and social sectors, we not only gained a wealth of experience in many industries and cultures but came to an important realization early on. By witnessing the creations of many strategies and transformation plans, we also witnessed the many failed attempts to execute them in reality.

Being the consultants we are, we couldn’t help but analyze why some succeeded while many failed. One major element was found to have a pivotal role in the success or failure during implementation, and that is the human behavior element. How humans perceived change through policy design, communication, engagement, user experience, and satisfaction all contributed to the ease, efficiency, and speed of implementation or lack thereof. And that’s how we evolved from being part of the mainstream management consulting companies previously known as BMO to a more specialized behavioral management consulting focusing on creating human-centric solutions. We do so through our team who has global expertise merged with local native knowledge.

What We Do

A Simple Explanation

Humanizing Strategy

The term humanizing strategy may seem to some as a fad that will go away, but to those that have witnessed or experienced the difficulties in implementing their strategies know too well the challenges that arise due to various behaviors of stakeholders.

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Cultural Shifts

Culture is formed based on people’s attitudes and behaviors, making it a powerful force in the face of change. It is known that a healthy culture increases productivity, reduces cost, and improves ESG.

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Gender Inclusion

Female empowerment has globally taken center stage in recent years. Many cultures and organizations face challenges in adapting to the speedy reforms, struggling to understand the full spectrum of implementing gender inclusion.

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Gender Interaction Awareness

Most companies that employ females worry about providing a safe work environment for all. This includes ensuring that the code of conduct between genders is available and implemented fairly to avoid misconduct or sexual harassment causing legal implications or reputation damage.

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We believe that youth not only impact the future of their nations but that of humankind. Their influential behaviors bypass borders setting global trends disrupting the status quo.

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CSR/ Startups & Micro Enterprises

Globally, SMEs represent most businesses; therefore, supporting their sustainable growth will positively impact social and economic development.

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How We Do It

With experience working with all three sectors, we know that leaders don’t want to test out the latest theories on their watch; instead, they want tangible, impactful, and measurable results that are also cost-effective.

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Who We Serve